Australian Investment Education Terms & Condition

By purchasing the Product, the Client acknowledges that it accepts these Terms and Conditions. The Company may revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time by posting a new version on the Website. The Client’s continued use of the Product and / or the Advisory Services after such changes will constitute acceptance of the changed Terms and Conditions. The Client must therefore always consult the Terms and Conditions as posted on the Website.

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions:
Advisory Services means the online communication and website; Company means Wealth Magnet Pty Ltd ACN 618 868 830 (WM) t/a Australian Investment Education. In relation to all of the advice provided to the Client in the Advisory Service, the Client acknowledges that the advice is General Advice only and that any investing and trading transactions are with a Brokerage, selected by the Client, not WM, and as such are subject to the Terms and Conditions contained in the Brokerage’s Product Disclosure Statement. Client means any Individual or Corporation which purchases the Product; Due Date means the date on which the Enrolment Fee is due and payable, or subsequent payments fall due to the Company; Members area and Website means the Web Based facility with training and educational materials including the core skill components covering various strategies, risk management, technical analysis and other educational material. Enrolment Fee means the upfront fee payable for the Product as revised from time to time and advised to the Client at the time of purchasing the Product; Payment Plan means the payment of the Enrolment Fee by instalments on terms agreed to by the Client and the Company; Product means Cashflow on Demand with Covered Calls and only includes those items listed at the time of purchase. Other additional services are not included and might require additional fees; Trading Platform means Trading Platform provided by the Brokerage; Website means

Wealth Magnet Pty Ltd t/a AUSTRALIAN INVESTMENT EDUCATION is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR no. 1255231) of Grange Financial Services Pty Ltd ACN 612 321 383 (AFSL 488609). WM is authorised to provide general advice in Securities and Derivatives. No consideration has been given or will be given to the individual investment objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular person. The decision to invest or trade and the method selected is a personal decision and involves an inherent level of risk, and you must undertake your own investigations and obtain your own advice regarding the suitability of this product for your circumstances. Please be aware that all trading and investing activity is subject to both profit & loss and may not be suitable for you.

1. Agreement to Enroll
(a) In consideration of the Client paying the Enrolment Fee, the Company will provide the Client with the Product which includes:
(i) Education and Training, as provided by the Company to its clients;
(ii) Bonus Access to the Advisory Services, as provided by the Company and Brokerage on a General Advice basis
(iii) Ongoing access to the Mentoring and Support Program
(iv) Access to the Website for the Term:
(v) The Client may elect to open an account with the Brokerage so that the brokerage can provide the Advisory Services.
(vi) The Client acknowledges that all trades will incur brokerage fees when taken;
(vii) To fully utilise the advisory service the client must have an open and appropriately funded trading account with the Brokerage;

2. Payment of your Enrolment Fee
(a) The following terms relate to the payment of the Enrolment Fee and the Client, subject to Clause 8, will continue to have access to the Product for the Term so long as the Client complies with each of the following:
(i) All payments are processed by the Company.
(ii) The Enrolment Fee must be paid in full upfront unless the Company consents for the Client to pay the Enrolment Fee by a Payment Plan.
(b) The Client acknowledges that the Company’s payment policy is subject to change and the Company reserves the right to change the any term contained in this Clause 2.
(c) In consideration for receiving the materials and services set forth in paragraph 1, It should be noted by the Client that no refund of the enrolment fee, or any other fee, will be given for any reason, after the client is sent their login.
(d) If for any reason the client is unable to open a broking account with IB or any other brokerage, for any reason, that inability does not constitute grounds for a refund or suspension of payment for the product given that the product is education, coaching and support, not the provision of transactional services.
(e) The Client is obligated to pay the stated course fees in full as outlined for their program. Whether this is a payment in Full or a Payment Plan, all course fees must be paid. Any failure to do so may result in the company pursuing any outstanding balance, at its own discretion training and marketing purposes including results and performance.

3. Restricted Use of Materials and Website
(a) The Client must not use any of the Product materials provided by the Company other than for their own personal use.
(b) The Client acknowledges that the Client will not receive copies of the Product materials on the Website capable of printing. The Product materials on the Website will be available via online streaming only.
(c) The Client must not allow any other person or entity access to the Website through the Client’s account.
(d) If the Client breaches this Clause 6 of these Terms and Conditions, the Company may claim damages against the Client for such unauthorized use.
(e) The Client acknowledges that all intellectual property rights associated with the Product materials are owned by the Company and the Client will not acquire any intellectual property rights in Product.
(f ) The Client is responsible for providing its own computer and appropriate internet connection in order to fully utilise the Product.
(g) The Company will not be liable for any losses that the Client incurs as a result of having insufficient access to a computer and an appropriate internet connection.

4. Changes to Fees
(a) The Company reserves its right to change any fees including the Enrolment Fee in its absolute discretion;
(b) The Client must not use any of the Product materials provided by the Company other than for learning about investment strategies.

5. Investment Performance
(a) Neither the Company or the Brokerage represent or imply or guarantee any rate of return or repayment of capital from the Client’s use of the Product, Advisory or other Services.
(b) The Client’s investment decisions are subject to risks and the Client should consider their personal circumstances and obtain appropriate advice from a licensed advisor prior to investing.
(c) The Product is provided by the Company only for education and learning purposes. The Company does not provide investment advice and recommends strongly that the Client obtains independent advice prior to making any investment decision. All trading activity is undertaken with The Brokerage and is subject to the terms contained in that Brokerage’s Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide.

6. Assignment
The Client must not assign its rights or delegate its duties under these Terms and Conditions without the Company’s prior written consent.

7. Events of Default
The Client will be considered to have committed an act of default if:
(a) the Client fails to pay the Enrolment Fee by the Due Date;
(b) in the case of the Client paying the Enrolment Fee on a Payment Plan, if the Client fails to make a payment in accordance with the Payment Plan by the Due Date; or
(c) if the Client breaches any other provision of these Terms and Conditions.

8. Consequences of Default
(a) A fee of $50 per dishonour will apply to overdue payments.
(b) If the Client commits an act of default in accordance with clause 7 then the Company may, in its absolute discretion, suspend or cancel access to the Product, the Advisor Services and all services associated with the Product and the Advisory Service.

(c) If the Company does cancel the Client’s access to the Product
and the Advisory Service and the Client remedies the default the Company may in the Company’s absolute discretion resume the Client’s access to the Product and the Advisory Service.
(d) If the Client’s access to the Product and the Advisory Service is suspended or cancelled under this clause 8 and the Client’s investments are adversely affected then the Company is not liable for any loss which the Client incurs as a result of the Client’s own default under these Terms and Conditions.

9. Changes to Terms and Conditions
(a) These Terms and Condition can be modified at any time by the Company and the Client agrees to continue to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as modified.
(b) The publication of the revised Terms and Conditions on the Website will be deemed notification of the modification of the Terms and Conditions.

10.Website Software
(a) The Company does not warrant, guarantee or make any representation that:
(i) the Website or the server that makes the Website available on the world wide web are free of software viruses; (ii) the functions contained in any software contained on the Website will operate uninterrupted or are error free; and
(iii) errors and defects in the Website will be corrected.
(b) The Company is not liable to the Client for:
(i) errors or omissions in the Website, or linked sites on the world wide web;
(ii delays to, interruptions of or cessation of the services provided in the Website, or linked sites; and
(iii) defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any user of the Website; whether caused through negligence of the Company, its employees or independent contractors, or through any other cause.
(c) The Client agrees to accept full cost of any necessary repair, correction and maintenance of any of the Client’s computer software or hardware, which may be necessary as a consequence of the Client accessing the Website.

11. Links to other websites
(a) The Website may contain links to sites on the World Wide Web owned and operated by third parties and which are not under the control of the Company.
(b) In relation to the other sides referred to in Clause 11(a), the Company:
(i) provides the links to other sites as a convenience to the Client and the existence of a link to other sites does not imply any endorsement by the Company of the linked site; and
(ii) is not responsible for the material contained on those linked sites.

12. Notices
(a) Except as otherwise provided herein, all notices and other communications to the Client shall be in writing or displayed electronically on the Website by the Company.
(b) Notices to the Client shall be deemed to have been properly given on the date that it is first displayed on the Website.

13. Use of Personal Information
(a) The Company will use personal information collected about the Client for the purposes of
(i) providing the Client with access to and use of the Website;
(ii) providing the Client with support, billing and other similar activities related to the use of the Website; and (iii) keeping the Client informed about products, services, offers and upcoming events and to improve the Company’s services.
(b) The Company and / or people authorised by it may gather and process the information:
(i) which the Client may provide when accessing the Website, such as the Client’s name, address, email address and other personal information about the Client; and
(ii) regarding the way in which the Client uses the Website including, without limitation, information acquired through the use of “cookies” programmed during the accessing of the Website.
(c) The Company may authorise others to offer the Client goods and services using the information acquired through 13(b)(i) and 13(b)(ii) above.
d) The Company through the services it provides and delivers to it’s clients may record, capture photos, emails, voice, images or any other type of media platform and use it at its own descretion for marketing purposes.
(e) For training purposes, some phone calls may be monitored or recorded.

14. Disclaimer
(a) At all times, any investment advice is provided by Wealth Magnet and the terms and conditions of Wealth Magnet as outlined in their product disclosure statement shall apply.
(b) All advice given to the Client by the Company and/or Wealth Magnet is general advice and does not take into consideration the Client’s personal circumstances. Trading or investing involves the potential for both profit and loss. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
(c) To the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage suffered by the Client through the Client’s investment or the use or access to the Website, or the Company’s failure to provide the Website.

15. Non Waiver
(a) No delay or failure by the Company to take any action under these Terms and Conditions shall constitute any waiver by the Company.

16. Indemnification
The Client hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Company and its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, service providers, other Website users, distributors and licensors from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party arising out of or related to the Client’s violation of these Terms and Conditions, any law, regulation or third party right.

17. Severability
(a) If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be unenforceable, invalid or illegal for any reason, that provision shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions, save and except that the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.
(b) If in one jurisdiction, any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be unenforceable, invalid or illegal for any reason, that provision shall be severed from these Terms and Conditions in that jurisdiction only and these full Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply to all other jurisdictions.

18. Governing Law
These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws in the State of Queensland, Australia, and the Client irrevocably submits to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Queensland and courts of appeal from them for determining any dispute concerning the Terms and Conditions.

19. Force Majeure
If due to war, strikes, industrial action short of a strike, import or export embargo, lockouts, accidents,
fire, blockade, flood, natural catastrophes, pandemics or other obstacles over which the Company has no control, the Company fails to perform any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions, the Company shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage that the Client may incur as a result of such failure.

20. Complaints Procedure
Any complaints in relation to the Product or the Advisory Services should be in writing and addressed to: Client Services Manager, Australian Investment Education, PO Box 8799, Gold Coast MC, QLD, 9726.